8 fun things to do this Christmas that involve being present


8 fun things to do this Christmas that involve being present

With our last few festive celebrations a little all over the place no thanks to Covid, this year is all about immersing yourself in the moment and really taking the time to be present. How we hear you ask? With the obsession with our phones realer than ever ‘tis the season to put them down and spend some quality time with all your favourite people. We’ve rounded up a few of our favourite ways to be present and really make some lasting memories this Christmas.

1. Create a Christmas photobooth

Create a photobooth we hear you ask? Yep! Not only does it involve being creative but it’ll also bag yourself some cute Christmas pics too. Firstly download yourself a retro photo app (our favourites are Dispo or Huji). Next if you’ve got a printer find yourself some festive props and then create a backdrop! Nothing too crazy, you can grab yourself a sheet, some fairy lights or just plonk yourself in your favourite spot in the house. If you’ve got a pet grab them too and get them involved and say hello to the cutest holiday photos ever. Top tip: Confetti works a treat too.

2. Make some Christmas cocktails together

One for the booze lovers. If you can’t make a cocktail at Christmas then when can you!? From sugar cookie martinis to eggnog and jingle juice. Grab your cocktail shaker and get mixing!

3. It's game time!

Whether you love a classic like Scrabble or Monopoly or you fancy trying something new. Nothing screams being present more than a bit of competitive Christmas chaos! Get the baileys on the go, chuck some festive tunes on and get stuck into a good old-fashioned game. We’ve popped a few of our favourite suggestions down below!

  1. Catchphrase
  2. Tension
  3. Santa Banta
  4. Naughty Elf

4. Play the Supermarket challenge

What’s the supermarket challenge we hear you ask? Well firstly where have you been as it’s all over TikTok!? The supermarket challenge is as simple as picking a friend, family member or significant other and playing a little game of rock, paper, scissors to choose your starter, main, dessert, snacks and drinks! The winner chooses the course, keep it festive just to add to the Christmas spirit.

5. Go on a festive walk to see some lights and sights

Get festive for free with a little walk around your local area to see some Christmas lights! Grab a flask and fill it up with a hot tipple of your choice. Tea, coffee, or even a boozy hot chocolate instead. Don’t forget to wrap up warm too!

6. Create your very own scavenger hunt

Another free idea that’ll bring in some laughs. Whether there’s little ones in the family or you just fancy having some fun with your flat mates or partner. Put together some festive rhymes and hide some prezzies around the house instead. Make some of them a little tricky to really get them thinking!

7. Have a gingerbread house competition

An activity with a little added competition element. Add some fun into your day with a gingerbread house making competition! Buy a few extra sweets to add to your house to really go the extra mile.

8. Head down to a local Christmas market

Grab your coat because it’s time for hot warm doughnuts and mulled wine! Head down to your local Christmas market and spend some time with your favourite people whilst enjoying everything festive.