Love Your Vulva: Workshop with Imogen Ivy


Love Your Vulva: Workshop with Imogen Ivy
We were expecting to have another dreary Monday this week, but curve model and influencer superstar Imogen Ivy was here to save the day! We had a fab lunchtime workshop thanks to our fave Aussie babe, who came to teach us all about our vulvas and why we should love them more.

The session started with a fun vulva quiz where we tried to answer some well-known, and not so well-known, questions about our beloved vaginas and vulvas (two different things, it turns out!). We munched on vegan pizza as we tried our best to answer all of Imogen’s questions - some we thought we had in the bag, but when it came to the answer reveals a lot of us were surprised by the result. We love an educational quiz!



Imogen Ivy Workshop Collage Images



After learning some cool things about our vaginas and vulvas that we didn’t know before, it was time to get personal! We worked with Imogen to accurately label a vulva diagram before she urged us to draw our own vulvas. We may have been a little shy at first, but we all teamed up to try and draw our intimate areas as best as we possibly could. We’re not artists (well, most of us aren’t), but overall, we think they came out pretty well!

After drawing our dear vulvas, Imogen instructed us to write them a letter - an ‘ode to the pussy’ as she called it! Unsurprisingly, it’s hard to know what to say to your vulva, so we were a bit skeptical about how this part would turn out. The result was heartwarming, to say the least! Phrases such as: “I’m sorry I was ever ashamed of you” and “thank you for letting me feel so much pleasure” popped up, and everyone was applauded after sharing their vulva-note with the group.

We finished the lunchtime session by standing in a circle and stomping our feet. Imogen led the group with a fun and catchy chant about loving our vulvas that had us all feeling connected and full of joy! The lecture ended on such a high and we all had a blast - we want to thank Imogen Ivy for creating such a fun event for all of us at Skinnydip!