Q&A with Nails Bab


Q&A with Nails Bab


I'm Rosie, owner & founder of Nails Bab. I'm from Birmingham & I started working professionally as a nail artist in my early 20’s. I worked alone in my own studios & then in 2020 I took the jump to expand. Now, I work with a team of incredible artists in my salon. Every day is different & i'm so grateful I get to create art for my clients every day.


What was the inspiration behind your collection?
Some of my most popular designs from over the years!


Tell us a bit about how the design process worked?
Skinnydip reached out early last year, and we got working on the design process, after a few rounds back and forth we narrowed it down to the final 6.


If you could describe your collection in 3 words what would they be?
Cute, snazzy and colourful!

What's your favourite design from the collection and why?
It's gotta be the pastel swirls!


What’s been your favourite part of working with us?
Watching the development process & working with the lovely team.


Where do you go when you’re looking for inspiration?
Everywhere.. I tend to find inspiration in day to day things - architecture, clothing, art etc. I have a folder in my photos of things i've seen when i'm out and about & I use that every day. I also keep a little document in my notes app, sometimes I get an idea and jot it down so when i'm stuck I can look there.

What does a day in the life look like for you?
On an average day if i'm just working in the salon - I get up fairly early, workout, walk my Chihuahuas, do a little admin and start work about 10. I usually see about 4 clients a day and most the time they let me have creative freedom. After work I try to chill out & get an early-ish night.

What’s a fun fact about you that you think would surprise people? 
Errrrm its usually that I wear hearing aids 😂 but also I am a die hard George Micheal fan.

 What’s on your bucket list? 
To visit Japan & to move somewhere sunny.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 
TAKE BREAKS! I think we all have a habit of over working ourselves, so I try to take regular time off, and it actually allows my brain to slow down and allows me to be more creative when i'm back at the desk.

Where can people fine you on socials? 
Instagram @nails.bab and tik-tok Nailsbab

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