Meet the Team! Christina - Online Concessions Merchandiser


Meet the Team! Christina - Online Concessions Merchandiser

What’s your role at Skinnydip
I am an Online Concessions Merchandiser

Did you go to uni?
I did! I went to London College of Fashion to study Fashion photography and styling.

What made you want to go into Fashion?
Fashion has always been part of my family, my grandparents had a factory in Camden back in the day making dresses and skirts. It’s always been an inspiration for me 😊

What made you want to go into Merchandising?
It kind of just happened! But luckily it did as I really enjoy my role here at Skinnydip. Always learning something new (Even if it’s a new formula on Excel!)

How did you get to work at Skinnydip?
I’ve previously been in large fashion brands where there is a lot of people involved and can get very overwhelming, I wanted to try a smaller brand and then I saw a role at Skinnydip, and here I am!

What’s your favourite part of working at Skinnydip?
My team, and just in general everyone in the office (Including the doggos) You get to meet and talk to everyone in each department, its like a big family here ❤ Few other perks help like wine time, biscuit trolley, and book club that is managed by the fabulous Georgie.

Describe a day in the life of a Merchandiser?
Every day is different depending on what account I need to focus on so here is a simpler way of putting it.

  • Tea in my Jack Grealish mug
  • Check on sales from previous day/upload
  • Create PO’s
  • Allocations across all my Online accounts
  • Lunch and a walk around Camden
  • Good chat with the team (Mostly me trying to attempt football chat which doesn’t go well)
  • Respond to emails and priorities for the week
  • Attending meetings
  • Biscuit trolley comes by and there is always a debate on the best one. Team bourbon ❤
  • Wine time/End of the day
  • Laters hun

What are your current Skinnydip obsessions?
I absolutely love the Miffy range which is launching in July – SUPER CUUUUTE! Even though it is summer, I am still obsessed with my Lilac trench coat.

What are your top tips for someone wanting to work in merchandising?
Work hard, Stay positive, and be kind 😃

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