The top 4 reasons to buy an Instax camera


The top 4 reasons to buy an Instax camera


Instax cameras are a great way to snap pics on the go, but factors like price and functionality can leave us wondering if purchasing one is the right choice. Need a little nudge? Here are our top 4 reasons to buy an Instax camera!


Memory keeping

We all love snapping pictures on our mobile phones for mems, but what if there was a cuter way to store those pics? With Instax cameras, you can create instant mini prints with that novelty, retro vibe! The prints are the perfect size for a scrapbook, an Instax Mini Album, or even to store in a clear phone case.



If you want your Instax prints where you can always see them (and why wouldn’t you?) then there are a tonne of creative ways to display them! Spell out fun words or letters on your wall with your prints to bring a fun vibe to your space. Group coloured prints together so you can display them by colour to create an ultra-cool feature wall effect. Get creative with it and pop your prints on your wall in the shape of a heart, star, or anything else you can think of!



The design of many Instax cameras means they’re perfect for adding your own fun twist to! Take the Instax Mini 11, for example - the smooth and colourful design makes an ideal backdrop for stickers and paint, so go wild and jazz up your camera with your own creative flair! Instax has its own tutorial on painting your Instax Camera, so be sure to check it out for some inspo. Something as simple as a cute Instax camera case can do the job, too!



What’s a better gift for your bestie than a brand new camera? Whether your mate loves something chic like the Instax Mini 40 or adores all things bright and cute like the Instax Mini 11, you’ve got gifting sorted! Pick them up some Fujifilm Mini Prints to go along with their new camera so they can start snapping memories straight away.