What Went Down: Valentine's Go F*ck Yourself Panel


What Went Down: Valentine's Go F*ck Yourself Panel

Our first panel of 2022 and all we can say is WHAT👏🏻 A 👏🏽NIGHT👏🏿 it was c’literally amazing and we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

So what was last night all about we hear you ask?! Our Go F*ck Yourself Panel was all about creating an open safe space to talk about all things self-service and make women feel hella empowered to not only touch themselves but more importantly talk about it too!

With our guests making their way through the life-size vulva to enter, once everyone settled in our fabulous host Jackie Adedeji kicked things off by asking our amazing panellist’s firstly why they think there’s such a stigma around women masturbating and secondly when they last masturbated (a cracking question and a real ice breaker to get the party started 😉). Our panellists openly discussed the social constructs and differences between how masturbating is almost glorified between men yet when a woman openly talks about it they’re branded dirty or slut-shamed, but why is thing a thing? Why shouldn’t women have fun too?!

We then went on to discussing the importance of masturbating from a perspective of getting to know your body and what you like with panellist Katie speaking on why we should all delve into the world of self-pleasure before even having sex so you can find out exactly what you like, which in turn makes your first experience more enjoyable. Uh, lightbulb moment 💡 Although masturbation isn’t just for pleasure as Panellist Charlotte touched upon, it can be a means of therapy too. Charlotte suffers with chronic illness and after having her stoma fitted she used masturbation to reconnect - ‘post-surgery, it was a way of reconnecting to my body. My body is not just a medical thing to prod’. A incredibly powerful message to share.



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From jaw-achingly funny stories from Aussie panellist Imogen Ivy who’s mum openly told her to buy a vape and a vibrator when she was going through a breakup, we really opened up that conversation and owned female masturbation from all aspects - with the phrase ‘pussy power’ being thrown into convo like brightly coloured confetti. We also touched on the shame surrounding talking about masturbating, where comedy genius Hayley Morris touched on the fact that things weren’t quite as open in her experience. They'd often be conversations she'd have with her gal pals drunk and then they'd deny all knowledge the following day in embarrassment, which is often where the shame stems from because as women we feel like it's not acceptable to talk about these things. When in reality in 2022 it bloody well should be!

Finally we spoke about the different types of porn and best sex toys out there and also how to balance out masturbation alongside a relationship. With our girl Chloé Pierre speaking on how environmental factors are a massive thing for her and help a lot, like a good Friday night with a film (like a good old 50 shades) on in the background to really set the mood. Oh and not forgetting the Lovehoney Romp Switch getting a special mention too 👀

All in all it was an absolutely amazing evening full of empowerment and honest conversations and we can't thank our panellists and guests enough for coming down to have some fun with us! We're on an ongoing mission to keep opening up the conversation on tons of topics so keep your eyes peeled for the next one in March. With thanks to White Claw, Floozie Cookie, Lori's Bakery, Krispy Kreme and all the amazing brands who featured in our goodie bags too!

All proceeds from this panel will be donated to the amazing Lady Garden Foundation, a women’s health charity raising awareness and funding for gynaecological health.