Which Instax camera is the best for you?


Which Instax camera is the best for you?
Made for capturing memories, Instax Cameras let you take the cutest pics that can be used to decorate your wall, pop in a scrapbook, and share with your friends! With all things retro making a splash this year, Instax cameras are becoming more popular than ever, and we want in! It can be difficult to know which camera is best for us since there are so many options and price points, but never fear! We’re bringing you the ultimate Instax camera buying guide so you can find out for yourself which Instax camera is the best.



Instax Mini 11

Instax Mini 11 Camera

Probably the most well-known of all the Instax cameras, the Instax Mini 11 is the perfect travelling companion. Featuring a compact design in 5 fun colours, this camera is made for bright shots thanks to an improved camera flash! Ready for all those selfies? The easy to use ‘selfie mode’ means you can create close-up shots of yourself and your friends. On top of all these great features, the Instax Mini 11 is one of the most affordable and cheapest of the bunch and makes an ideal gift.


Instax Mini 40

Instax Mini 40

Featuring a black, high quality textured design and silver accents, this is Instax’s chicest camera yet! The Instax Mini 40 is perfect for taking with you on the go and will add a little retro flair to any outfit when used as an accessory. It’s functional as well as cool, of course - the camera’s special ‘selfie mode’ captures close-up shots clearer than ever! The Mini 40 automatically adjusts to surrounding brightness so your Instax Mini Prints will never be oversaturated and will always be clear. This camera is great for functionality as well as making a fashion statement!


Instax Square SQ1

Instax SQ1

If you’re wondering what the best Instax Square camera is, we might have the answer for you! Simple and reliable, the Instax Square SQ1 camera is so easy to use that you can focus on getting those great shots instead of fumbling with the buttons! Create instant memories in wider, square Fujifilm prints with this sleek camera, and relax knowing the photos will never be out of focus or overly bright. If you prefer those larger square prints over the credit-card-sized prints found in other Instax cameras, the Instax Square SQ1 has everything you need.


Instax Mini Link Printer

Instax Mini Link 2 Printer

While not technically a camera, the Instax Mini Link Printer is a great tool for anyone who has bundles of pictures on their phone that they want to make into physical prints - it’s also great for those who don’t like taking instant shots and are wary of wasting Fujifilm Mini Prints. With the Instax Mini Link Printer, you can select which photos you want to print out from your phone, meaning you have all your best snaps right at your fingerprints. Creating cute mini polaroid prints just got so much easier!

Using Instax’s handy app, you can control photo effects, overlays and more - not only that, but the Instax Mini Link Printer lets you print video stills, so the possibilities are endless for your Fujifilm photo prints! This Instax Printer comes in shades of Dusky Pink, Ash White, and Dark Denim, so there’s something to suit everybody’s style.