Life Lessons We Learned From Mean Girls


Life Lessons We Learned From Mean Girls


With the launch of our limited edition collection with everyone’s favourite film, Mean Girls just dropping, we saw it fit to look back on some of the most iconic scenes and reflect on the life lessons we learnt along the way. From finding out that shocking news that butter isn’t actually a carb to the art of improvisation when you accidentally kick a giant tape recorder in someone’s face… here’s a selection of the most important lessons we learnt from our generations most loved film.

Regina George taught us that with enough confidence, you can rock anything.

Rocking that famous cut-out boob top like it was nothing, Regina George taught us the importance of having the confidence to wear whatever you want to wear. You go girl

Cady Heron taught us to be ourselves and not try to be someone we’re not, i.e. a plastic.

A very tough life lesson that Cady had to learn the hard way is to always be true to yourself. Trying to be someone you’re not will always end badly. Hopefully not being-run-over-by-a-bus badly, but you’ve been warned.


Gretchen Wieners taught us that ex-boyfriends are off strictly off limits to friends.

A very important life lesson here people. Ex-boyfriends are totally off limited to friends no matter what. Break this fundamental rule of girl code and you can kiss your friendship goodbye!

Karen Smith taught us how to fake being sick over the phone.

Okay it wasn't the best lesson, but she set us up on the right tracks to faking sickness when we simply cba to go out. With a little bit of extra work and a few more fake coughs and splutters, you’re set up for a worthy excuse to Netflix & chill.


Kevin Gnapoor taught us to never let the haters stop you from doing your thang.

Kevin didn't teach us much throughout the duration of the film, but one thing he did teach us was the importance of doing your 'thang' no matter what the haters think. Shout out to Kevin G for those wise words of wisdom.

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