Skinnydip turns 10: The bestselling cases of the decade


Skinnydip turns 10: The bestselling cases of the decade

 If you haven't heard already this weekend is our 10th birthday, and amongst having a little party we're throwing it back in more ways than one to bring up a few golden oldies that made Skinnydip history. So without further ado, here's the top phone cases that flew off the virtual shelves from from 2011 to 2021.

2011 - Jewel Skull Case

A real blast from the past right there... it appears that 2011 was around the time a lot of us were going through our 'grunge' Avril Lavigne loving phases...

2012 - Champagne Quilt Bling Case

A simple yet chic case that was surprisingly released in the same year the iconic Gangnam Style song dropped too - you guys loved this minimal beauty.

2013 - Rainbow Jewel Case & Pineapple Case

You may laugh now, but those bedazzling statement jewel cases are actually what rose Skinnydip to fame. Our customers went wild for them way back when! Alongside the classic pineapple print case too.

2014 - Charlotte Case

A case that even still in 2021 is still a constant mood, this love heart sweet inspired beauty was a firm favourite in 2014. We still stand by a lot of these quotes 7 years on tbh.

2015 - Bee Case & Chloe Case

Category is... SPARKLE. 2015 saw high demand for two of our glitziest cases. From the classic glitter Chloe Case to our honeycomb designed Bee Case, you sold out these like hot cakes!

2016 - Glitter Unicorn Case & Googly Avo Case

Actually one of our favourite year's when it comes down to iconic cases. Our Googly Avo Case was seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner and let us tell ya that beauty became even more of a bestseller from that moment forward! Also big shout out to a glitter-filled unicorn case too because she was a thing of beauty!

2017 - Just Peachy Case

A bestseller that still shines bright even 4 years on, anything we put our signature peachy print on you guys love. So long may the perfect peachy streak continue!

2018 - Disney x Skinnydip Sebastian Case

Covered in everyone's favourite guy from deep down under with a pretty pastel pink background, our Sebastian Case went down a hit in 2017!

2019 - Disney x Skinnydip Thumper Case

A firm favourite for the entire year of 2019, this cute lil Thumper-inspired case combined all of our favourite things and more. From it's holographic sheen to the the cute lil flowers hanging out of his mouth - what's not to love?

2020 - Butterfly Shock & Disney x Skinnydip Stitch Case

Two favourites by a mile, it seems it wouldn't be a favourites list without a Disney number these days and you guys loved all things blue in 2020 with our cute lil Stitch and Blue Butterfly styles winning the bestsellers spot.

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