Barbie x Skinnydip: The History of Barbie


Barbie x Skinnydip: The History of Barbie
So if you didn’t already know, we’ve just launched our exclusive collaboration with Mattel’s most-loved doll brand, and it felt only right that we deep dive into the history of the icon that is Barbie.

Every good brand has a great story behind it, and founded by Ruth Handler, the Barbie story began after Ruth watched her daughter play with paper dolls for hours on end, quickly realising the possibilities ahead. With the aspiration to create something that completely changed the way children played with dolls, soon after in 1959 the first Barbie doll was created and showcased at the New York Toy Fair, which was just the beginning for Barbie.

Facing some scepticism at first, Ruth persevered with her vision and after it’s debut at the Toy Fair, Barbie’s first commercial soon aired the same year. With the doll retailing at just $3 (what a steal!), in its first year the brand sold around 350,000 dolls, which was just the start of Barbie’s ever-growing success story.

Quoting Ruth herself, one of the biggest differences from Barbie to other dolls in the late 50’s, was that ‘she always represented that a woman has choices’ and that’s something that’s certainly showcased looking back through the decades from today, in 2020.

Now with over 180 career avenues, a walk-in wardrobe any girl would be seriously jealous of with thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories and endless storytelling possibilities, Barbie is so much more than just a doll. She’s inspired women all over the globe to be whoever they want to be, and that’s exactly what we want our Barbie range to do too.

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