We only have one planet and we all need to play our part to take better care of it!

At Skinnydip we don’t take the issue of sustainability lightly and are very conscious of the impact our brand is having on the environment. After a lot of research, we’ve realised that no fashion brand in the world can claim to be 100% sustainable, so we try our best not to falsely describe ourselves as a fully ‘sustainable’ brand. Instead we see ourselves as a constant work in progress and are always looking to improve our efforts to ensure we are doing everything we can to be as planet-friendly as possible.


We're looking at all aspects of our business and making every effort possible to ensure that we are reducing our carbon footprint on a constant and regular basis. With the main goal to become the most sustainable fashion brand in the world. We are working to be as sustainable as possible and our pledge to you is to be fully transparent about our carbon footprint and the impact our brand and product is having on the planet. Whilst constantly and thoroughly researching and implementing whatever we can, where we can.


We have cut down use of plastic on our packaging by 80% over the past 3 years. We are still working on this and the goal is to completely eliminate the use of plastic in our packaging by 2025. In instances where we do have plastic on our packaging i.e. our phone case boxes, we have now begun using recycled plastic and in many cases are also using biodegradable alternatives where we can.


In 2019 we moved away from our fully plastic postal bags and moved over to LDPE material bags made from 30% recycled materials that are fully recyclable. We haven’t stopped working on this and are now developing fully biodegradable postage bags that will be launched imminently. We use polybags in our mailing bags for certain items and we’re proud to say that these are now fully biodegradable.

Our Office

We’re using less electricity and have now installed automatic lighting that switches off when the office is not in use. We’re using renewable electricity suppliers, have cut down on printing by a mammoth 95% within the last 3 years, introduced more recycling bins and a no bottled water in the office policy.

Less To Landfill

We’re manufacturing smaller batches of products and producing to order to ensure that we have less product going to landfill. We’ve also introduced our new print to order service for personalised cases. We are also looking into partnering with recycling companies in order to give our products a second life.

Our Aims

Completely eliminate the use of plastic in all our packaging by 2025


All phone cases on our website to be made from 100% sustainable materials