BTS with Julia Michaels X Skinnydip


BTS with Julia Michaels X Skinnydip

Wanna see what happened on the Julia Michaels shoot? We got to know the Grammy-nominated babe up close and personal on the set of our collab. We got to know what its like to be an international star and general cool girl.






Ok so here's whats up...

  1. She lovesssss Cheetos 🧡

  2. She has 1 cat and 2 dogs and recently adopted a German Shepard 🐶

  3. She calls everyone "nugget" 😜

  4. She was originally a songwriter but decided the singer life was for her! 🎤

  5. She hula hoops, she even hula hooped in her recent video ''I Miss You" Ft. Clean Bandit 🙌


Wanna see her in action?

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