Gbemi Girls x Skinnydip: Q&A with Alice & Toni


Gbemi Girls x Skinnydip: Q&A with Alice & Toni


Fun, feminine and colourful. 


What does a day in the life look like for you?
I normally like to be up by 6am, I start the day with prayer and journaling. After I’ll have a shower and get dressed. Probably wear my Gbemi sweatshirt and jogger. I work from home , so normally able to start the day at 9am. Most days I’m answering emails from our factories, sending off prints and tech packs for our new party collection. Once I’ve finished with emails, I’ll spend a lot of time on Pinterest making boards for the new SS23 collection. After this I’ll have a zoom meeting with my sister Antonia who heads up our marketing and we discuss social media for the week and the marketing plan for the month ahead. I’ll then design some assets for Instagram and create and edit some TikToks. The day finishes around 6pm. I’ll spend the evening having my favourite meal - grilled chicken with sweet potatoes and veg, and put on my fave K-drama on Netflix.


What's your favourite design from the collection?
I love all the phone cases, but my favourite is the sticker print phone case, I love all the different elements and graphics, and think its super fun.


What's been the most fun part about working with Skinnydip?
I loved working with the design team on the prints , seeing the samples come to life was so exciting. I’ve always loved phone cases so this collab has been a dream come true!

What's the biggest piece of advice you'd give someone wanting to start a business?
Learn as much as you can about the business you want to start, don’t rush the process. I’ve worked in fashion for many years which has been pivotal in running the business. Once you feel like you’re ready, put your all into it. Give it the very best you have and keep working on your self belief, this will get you through the challenging parts of business.


What are you most excited for the future?
I’m so excited to keep expanding our product range, I love how Skinnydip started with phone cases and now do bags, clothing, beauty and soo many categories. It’s soo inspiring. I’m most excited to eventually do jewellery and handbags.


Where does the name Gbemi come from?
The brand name is Gbemi, which comes from the full name Gbemisola. Which is my middle name. It’s Nigerian and means “God lifts me into wealth” I’ve always loved the meaning of my name and always wanted to name our fashion brand this.

Our socials are @gbemigirls on Instagram and our website is

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