Meet The Team! Jessie - Buyer


Meet The Team! Jessie - Buyer
What’s your role at Skinnydip?
Clothing, Tech and Accessories Buyer

Did you go to uni? Where & what did you study?
Yes I did, I went to study Norwich University of the Art and studied photography (much to the disappointment of my head teacher 😝) My final portfolio was based around stiff life photography and I still reminisce every once in a while. (Still blows my mind that I graduated 8 years ago) I was a photographer before I started my career, I still love it, but Buying is for me!

What made you want to go into Buying?
I worked as a divisional admin and used to watch the Buying admins reporting back on weekly comp shops. Seemed (at the time) that all they did was shop. Who doesn’t love shopping? I quickly found out that buyers do a whole lot more than shopping!! But haven’t looked back since

How did you get to work at Skinnydip?
I was looking for a new opportunity and somehow ended up applying for Skinny Dip. I’ve worked at a few different types of buying retails jobs, from corporate to fast fashion and I wanted something that matched me more as a person, very thankful that I found this one. I was also previously a childrenswear buyer and wanted to branch into womenswear, always good to try new things.

What’s your favourite part of working at Skinnydip?
The people. By far the best team of people to work with! Everyone is fun and friendly, what more could you ask for?

Describe a day in the life of a Buyer?
What don’t I do? Haha,
Grab breakfast, can’t work on an empty stomach
Emails, lots of email. As the Buyer I keep the day to day runnings of the department going
Approvals – Fabric, colour approvals
Fits – Ensuring that the style is how it was designed and fits correctly
Catch up with both teams, ensure we are working to dates in the critical path
Review samples that have been submitted
Rackup/De rack for sign off’s
Plan how to spend someone elses money
Get distracted by Glittery things
Prep for Trades/Meetings/Reviews
Excel spreadsheets – Who doesn’t run their life with one?
Costings and negotiations on new development.
Talking with Suppliers
Comp shopping (the best part of the job, the shops!!!!!!)
Fight a fire or two…. Or three
Home time. Repeats the next day
Also x3 as I am the buyer for three separate areas of the business

What are your current Skinnydip obsessions?
My black cloud phone case and our oversized sweat. Who doesn’t love an oversized sweat? Lots more sweats coming soon!!

What are your top tips for someone wanting to become a Buyer?
Patience, you have to have a lot of it. When you first start as a Buying Admin it is a lot of running around, prepping for meetings and it never feels like you get to do the good stuff. But you will, always volunteer for the divisional jobs, push yourself and enjoy your job! My best piece of advise is, its Buying not Dying. Just remember it when you are being asked for a sample you know you accidental gave away in a sample sale. haha

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