Meet The Team: Hanina Photographer


Meet The Team: Hanina Photographer


We want you to meet the people who make the magic happen here at Skinnydip!
Starting with the amazing Hanina who helps out with all our Skinnydip shoots both in house and out. Although not a permanent resident here at Skinnydip, we've worked alongside Hanina for years on tons of shoots and projects so we thought we'd do a little Q&A with her.


What’s your name and where do you come from?
Hanina, London!

Tell us something hardly anyone knows about you.
I’ve got a double tooth! Two of my teeth fused together when I was a kid and it created one tooth, it’s a double tooth.

That’s so niche! What’s your biggest career highlight to date?
Working with Skinnydip.


(Haha) We’ll take a secondary option!
Probably shooting Olivia Rodrigo for NME.

What’s your favourite and least favourite thing about being a photographer?
My favourite thing is working with different people every day - I love creating friendships with really interesting individuals! My least favourite thing is relying on technology. Also, since photography has become my job I don’t shoot for fun anymore, I don’t take my camera out for fun because that’s work to me. 


What’s your death row meal? We’re talking starter, main, and dessert!
Starter: I love cheese, so anything with cheese - like a cheese camembert or something!

Main: Sushi, all day every day!

Dessert: I really like the candy cane sweets at the moment (haha)! I’m not a big dessert person but I’m loving watermelon candy canes…
Oh, I like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream too! I’d choose cookie dough flavour.

What useful advice would you give to someone looking to get into the industry?
As a freelancer, don’t be afraid to contact anyone! To me, nobody is off-limits - whether that’s the editor of Vogue or the art director of Nike. I also feel like people get so worked up on names and stuff but you’ve just got to concentrate on building your portfolio at the beginning. Just create the imagery that you like, not what’s necessarily ‘in’ at the moment. For example, my work isn’t very ‘British fashion’ at the moment, but I’m not going to change what I like to shoot because that’s the style that I want. Shoot what you want to!

Who are your other favourite photographers?
I like a lot of American photographers, I also like Zoe McConnell - she’s English. I like Felisha Tolentino and Louise Carrasco too, they're cool! All the photographers that I really like are similar to me in the way they shoot fashion but they also do commercial. They have a nice mix of cool and fun but also advertising.


What does a typical day look like for you?
Watching Netflix all day...

(Haha) For a workday I’ll wake up at half 6 because I have to give myself an hour in the morning. I go downstairs and get in the car - I listen to chill music on my way to work every single day because it feels kind of like another hour in bed! Next, I get on set, say ‘hey’ to everyone, and then put the set up with the team. I like to introduce myself to whoever I’m shooting before I start, too. Then I start shooting until we’re all done! As soon as I go home I always back up my work from the day, and that’s all until the next day!


What’s your favourite image you’ve ever taken?
This might be weird since it’s one of my first, but I did a Nike Hypebae editorial and there’s a specific image with the Nike ticks and the tongue out that I just love. I shot that two and a half years ago and it’s still the first image on my website. I just love that shot, so it’s probably my favourite!


What’s your favourite Skinnydip campaign?
The one we did on location at a house not that long ago! I just thought it was really fun, more fashion-focused, too. It was a real Gen Z campaign!

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