Q&A with Meg Garrod


Q&A with Meg Garrod


Hello! I’m Meg and I’m feminist, self-love illustrator and content creator from Lincolnshire. I love all things cute + colourful and I'm passionate about spreading empowering and inclusive messages through my art. I want everyone to feel loved + represented when they see my work 🌈

I've worked with amazing clients such as Pinterest, CoppaFeel! and Lucy + Yak; along with running my own small business, www.meggarrodart.com 💛

What was the inspiration behind your collection?
The inspiration behind the collection was to create designs that were empowering, colourful and joyful! I wanted a range of designs that centered around themes of feminism and self love but that were also super cute + colourful 💘

Tell us a bit about how the design process worked?
It started with a meeting with Skinnydip where I was told about the possibilities of the collaboration and then I went away to start sketching! ✏️ I had regular contact + meetings with Skinnydip where we looked at some of my existing illustrations and discussed themes for the project! Once we decided on some designs we loved, we picked our 4 favourites and they went into production! Skinnydip sent me the samples which I loved and we set a date to release!

It was an amazing process and I loved every moment of it! Thanks so much to the Skinnydip team 💖

If you could describe your collection in 3 words what would they be?
Colourful, Empowering + Joyful

What’s your favourite design from the collection and why?
It’s hard to choose because I’ve been changing my phone case everyday to a new design because I love them all so much😂
If I had to choose though, I'd say the rainbow vulvas 🌈 I love the combination of a rainbow of colours with the diverse vulva illustrations.

What’s been your favourite part of working with us?
I got to work with the lovely Susie who was just a joy to work with. She gave me such freedom when it came to designing but was also always on hand to give me her expert advice on any questions I had! Thank you so much Sus 💛

Where do you go when you’re looking for inspiration?
There’s a few places I always find inspiration:

  • My old sketchbooks are the perfect place to look back at old, sometimes abandoned ideas + they inspire me to create new things!
  • Pinterest! What else can I say? I have way too many inspiration boards 😂
  • Nature! I love adding elements of flowers or nature into my work so I always feel inspired when out + about

What does a day in the life look like for you?
I’m lucky enough to work from Home so I spend my days in my pink art studio with my puppy, Walter! Everyday is so different as an illustrator, from painting + crafting to responding to emails and doing dreaded paperwork! 
I spend a lot of my time drawing in my sketchbook, filming colourful content and cuddling my dog! 

What’s a fun fact about you that you think would surprise people?
I used to hate pink! 😂 you wouldn’t think it now since I work in a pink studio and have a pink kitchen, everything in my life is now pink…but there was a time where muted colours were more my vibe 😅

What’s on your bucket list?
To start my own pottery studio!! I started learning ceramics nearly a year ago and have fallen in love with the process ~ I’d love to start my own studio one day 🌷

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
I love the quote “I am growing at my own pace and growth takes time”. I think it’s so easy on social media to constantly compare yourself to others but it’s important to remember we are on our own path + growing at our own pace 💖

Where can people find you on socials?
You can find me @meggarrodart on all platforms 🌈 

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