The 2023 Grammy Awards moments that stole our hearts


The 2023 Grammy Awards moments that stole our hearts

There’s no better way to kick off a new year than with a good ole’ Grammys get together!

Presented by Trevor Noah, all our favourite celebrities and music stars came out to play in full force and really gave us something to talk about! From their jaw-dropping outfits to some seriously cute moments that made us all swoon, let’s get stuck into all our fave bits from the 65th annual Grammy Awards.

Harry Styles, that is all

Where do we begin? If your TikTok feed is anything like ours, the last few months have been filled with the most glorious footage of his spectacular Love on Tour concerts. To Reina (Harry’s biggest 78 year old fan) announcing that he’s won Best Album award, to his rainbow encrusted jumpsuit and tinsel-tastic outfit too. Whether you’re a Harry fan or not, you can’t help but love this guy. Oh, and just to add, who saw Taylor Swift dancing to his As It Was performance?! Children of the Swiftie/Styles divorce, that one’s for you!

Miss most-Grammys-EVER

I mean are we really surprised? After announcing her long-awaited comeback Renaissance tour, Beyonce stole the show by winning a whopping 4 awards last night! Not only did she take home the most awards out of anyone there, but she also became the top Grammy award winner of all time with 32 glistening gold trophies under her belt.

Kim Petras making history

The sweetest soul to grace the Grammy’s stage. Queen Kim won the award for best pop/group performance with the one and only Sam Smith. Not only did they steal the show with their fierce and fiery show of Unholy, but Kim also made history as the first ever Transgender woman to win a Grammy and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Trio goals

Our jaws nearly hit the floor when we spotted the viral video of the three most iconic women in music having a casual photo moment. From Adele being her usual hilarious self to Lizzo’s dedication to the pose. I’m sure we can all agree the end result is the 2023 pop-culture version of the Mona Lisa.

Adele meets her idol

So who knew that just like us, even some of the biggest pop stars in the world have their idols! The Grammys was kicked off with a little surprise for our British superstar Adele who was starstruck to meet the one and only Dwayne Johnson i.e. The Rock. She revealed that he was the one person she’d always wanted to meet but never has, and the Grammys made it happen. We’re all about this wholesome 2023 content!

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