Wireless Earbuds Plus: How to use


How do I pair my wireless earbuds to my device?
1. Fully charge the earbuds in the charging case by plugging in the provided lightening charging cable and then press the button on the back of the case. Whilst charging, the light on the box will flash red; when your earbuds are fully charged the light will stay solid red.

2. Remove the earbuds from the case.
3. Once the earbuds are removed from the charging case they will automatically power on and enter pairing mode. The LED light on the side of your earbud will flash red and blue.
4. Once earbuds are in pairing mode successfully, one earbud will flash red and blue, whilst the other will be off.
5. Next, make sure the wireless connectivity function on your device is turned on.
6. Go to settings on your phone, search for the device named ‘Skinnydipplus’ and connect. Once your earbuds pair successfully you will hear the phrase ‘connected’. Once these steps are completed, your earbuds are ready to use.
7. To switch off, pop them into the charging case and your earbuds will turn off automatically and begin to charge.
Please note: Both earbuds will connect automatically after first pairing.

How do you charge the wireless earbuds?
To charge the earbuds, place them into the charging case and press the power button on the back of the case.
Why is only one of my earbuds pairing?
When pairing your earbuds both should pair together. If you're having problems getting both to pair we would firstly advise to start the pairing process again and make sure your earbuds and charging case are fully charged by plugging them back into a power source to check the solid red light displays. Once this is the case, start the pairing process again as per the instructions above to connect your earbuds.
If you've completed the above and you're still having problems pairing both earbuds, please contact our customer service team on mail@skinnydiplondon.com.
Can I charge these in an Apple Airpods case?
No, our Wireless Earbuds Plus can only be charged using the charging case they come with.
How long does it take to fully charge the earbuds?
To fully charge your earbuds it takes 1.5 hours. To fully charge your charging case it takes 2 hours.

How do I know when my earbuds are fully charged?
When your earbuds are fully charged, the light on the back of your charging case will stay solid red to indicate this.

How long should my earbuds battery last?
When fully charged your earbuds should give you around 2/2.5 hours wireless playback time.

Can I answer calls with the wireless earbuds in?
Yes you can. However please note that these are not compatible with FaceTime.

Why is the charging case flashing red when plugged into a power source?
The charging case will flash red whilst plugged in to indicate that your earbuds are being charged. Once fully charged the light will stop flashing and stay solid red to indicate your earbuds are fully charged and ready to use.
Is there a warranty on my earbuds?
We do not offer a warranty on any of our earbuds at present, however if you're having any problems with your earbuds please email our customer service team over at mail@skinnydiplondon.com who will assist you further.