Our Favourite Christmas Films


Our Favourite Christmas Films

With Christmas quickly approaching and the weather getting colder, the only activity we are now obligated to do is sit on the sofa in cosy pyjamas and watch endless Christmas films. Whether they are classics or more modern movies, they all are bound to put you in the festive spirit!


Starting off with a classic! Watching Love Actually every Christmas has become a tradition amongst so many families each December and we totally understand why. This film involves eight different romantic storylines leading up to the festive season and truly has it all. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll definitely get emotionally invested in at least one of these relationships! Overall, this film is a MUST this Christmas.


Home Alone is another fan favourite for the Winter season and is suitable for all ages. This film is about a young boy called Kevin who must save his house from burglars on Christmas Eve using pranks and traps. Home Alone is a movie that truly never gets old and is bound to make you laugh and put smile on your face. If you enjoy this film, there are also 3 more in the series!


The Holiday is the ultimate romance film to watch at Christmas and is such a genuine feel-good movie. It entails two women who swap houses for the holiday season to escape from relationship disasters. This film has an unbelievable cast including Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet and involves various elements that can relate to everyone.


Now turning to a more traditional Christmas musical film starring Tom Hanks… The Polar Express! This movie is about a boy who goes on a train to visit the North Pole on Christmas Eve. This film is all about believing in the magic of Christmas and perfect for all members of the family.


Another classic is Elf, featuring Will Ferrell. This truly is a film you could watch every day leading up to Christmas and not get sick of! It is about an Elf who was brought up accidentally in the North Pole and travels to New York to meet his biological father. This family friendly movie is guaranteed to make everyone smile and put you all in the festive spirit!


Nativity is another great film which will make you laugh, reminisce and channel your inner primary school child. This movie is about a teacher who tries to put on the best Nativity show in their town. It also features hilarious and catchy songs you are guaranteed to be singing weeks, even months, after watching this film.


And lastly is … The Grinch! This classic family film featuring Jim Carrey entails a Grinch who hates Christmas and wants to steal it from everyone in his town who loves it. Despite having a few remakes, the 2000 version is definitely the most iconic and ensures fun and laughter this Christmas.

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