Our Top Bingeable TV Shows


Our Top Bingeable TV Shows
Even though we’re heading straight into Spring & hopefully Summer even sooner, we still love an evening (or full weekend) binge watching a TV show, we’ve included some of our new favourites or old classics below ready for your Bank Holiday weekend….. 

Working Moms

Whether you’re a mom or not, this Canada based series is weirdly relatable and painfully funny. The show follows the lives of a group of working moms who become unlikely friends, facing everyday struggles and the living through chaos involved in raising kids. Available on Netflix.


Now when I get road rage, I endeavour to keep it to myself, just incase it sets up a chain of events that ruin my business, my marriage and make me question everything in my life.
Literally a show about when 2 worlds collide & the repercussions. Also, how does Amy’s seemingly empty shop sell for millions of pounds?! Available on Netflix.

Firefly Lane

Lifelong besties, Kate and Tully think their friendship can survive the test of time, when a single act of betrayal tears them apart. Navigate the highs and lows of life with two teenage girls in the 70s, through to their adulthood in the mid 2000s. Available on Netflix.

Jury Duty

A mockumentary style show following a group of jurors including James Marsden as they take part in a trial in California. Whilst Ronald, one of the jurors think the court case is real, everyone else is an actor in a 'Truman Show' style surrounding him, definitely a must watch in the Skinnydip office. Available on Amazon UK.

Married At First Sight Australia

The show that is taking over Tiktok. The drama, the hair, the looks. Am I googling to see who has actually stayed together? Yes. Yes I am. Def a show to watch with a glass of wine and a Chinese on a Friday night & celebrate that you aren’t at point in your life where you need to marry someone you have never meet. Cheers to that! Available on 4od

Sex Education

A teenage boy with a sex therapist Mum teams up with a friend at school to set up an underground sex therapy clinic. Follow the lives of the students at Moordale Secondary School as they tackle various personal dilemmas. Avaliable on Netflix.

Sex Life

It’s called Sex Life. Enough said. Available on Netflix.

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