Self Pleasure 101: The New Toys on The Block


Self Pleasure 101: The New Toys on The Block

It’s true what they say, the best things in life really are free – and gifting yourself with some well-deserved time for self-pleasure certainly falls into that category! 


We want to help champion sexual wellbeing and break the stigma that comes from talking about self-pleasure. Female masturbation is healthy, gives a rapid rush of feel-good hormones, promotes better sleep and most importantly is a science-proven stress reliever, seriously – the list of benefits are endless. So why do we feel so embarrassed speaking about it still?


With a global pandemic hitting us all in some way shape or form, it’s no secret that everyone has a little more time on their hands at home these days, and studies show that more of us are turning to self-pleasure because of it, and rightly so! It’s just another form of self-care, look at it the same as pouring yourself a giant glass of wine or running a bubble bath, we all deserve a little extra loving right now.


So let’s talk toys, whether you’re a novice or know your way around a rabbit or two – we’ve teamed up with brands like Lovehoney and Hanx to bring you a selection of some of their best pleasure pleasers set to shake up your sex life for the better. Whether you’re riding solo or fancy turning up the heat in your relationship, knowledge is power. It’s like riding a bike, the more you try, the better you get. There’s a world of pleasure potential to unlock and these toys, lubricants and sexual essentials are exactly the place to start!

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